Sustainable Turnkey Solutions  

We offer a range of turnkey solutions including plumbing and electrical works, gypsum installations, plastering and painting services. 

 Building Solutions


When it comes to construction projects, we aim towards providing our clients with a complete project lifecycle. We offer project initiation and conception, planning and definition, building and execution and project closing.


If you are looking to give your building a change in function or appearance, we are the right people for you. Alteration projects include the removal of walls, widening of existing openings, building extensions and skylight installation services.


Ideal for Houses of Character and Townhouses, restoration solutions are designed to maintain or recreate the rich features of a home. The restoration services that we offer aim towards achieving high-quality authenticity and replication. 

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Interior Works


From wiring to distribution schemes, we offer a range of electrical installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings. Through this solution, you can rest assured that all rewiring and cabling is done efficiently and safely. We also offer electrical rewiring services for old houses.


Our plumbing services are ideal for both old or new homes. We provide our clients with solutions designed to distribute potable water, remove waterborne waste and connect your home to the local sewage system. Moreover, we can install bathrooms, fixtures, water heaters and water lines for kitchens. 


From floors to walls and bathrooms, we provide our clients with a range of tile laying solutions. Through this service, we will remove any old or broken tiles, rearrange and cut tile membrane, waterproof membrane seams to protect your foundations and install new tiles. This service will present you with an even and centred pattern. 


One of our most popular solutions is parquet laying. Through this service, we can install flooring-grade parquet on a range of solid substrates within your home, including screed, concrete and compounds. We are also able to install adhesive parquet or vinyl. Parquet is a popular choice for those seeking an allergen-free environment.


At AGF Turnkey Contractors we offer a range of marble laying services for countertops, floors and walls. Marble is a preferred choice among those who are after an elegant finish within their home. Marble needs to be installed by a skilled team of labourers as it is a very delicate material – easy to stain or scratch if not applied correctly.


We offer waterproofing membrane services ideal for rooftops and swimming pools. Through this service, you can rest assured that your building will be protected from wear and tear, decay, moulding and leaks. Moreover, waterproofing stops humidity from seeping into your home, providing you with comfort and stability.


Gypsum can be used for a range of applications. From the creation and installation of gypsum soffits, bulkheads, shadow gaps and even floating ceilings. Moreover, we can present you with cement boards, Wedi boards and Rockwool insulation gypsum. We can install a range of designs.


Plastering your walls will present them with durability, strength and uniformity. It is one of the most important tasks when it comes to protecting stones. Moreover, plaster presents an increased appeal for those looking to get a smooth finish. Plastering is fire retardant. 


We also offer interior and exterior wall painting solutions designed to repel allergens and dust from sticking to your walls. Apart from making your home easier to keep clean, certain paints can even seal out moisture, prevent moisture from growing and even prevent humidity within your home.

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Interior Works


We offer a range of electrical solutions to our clients that include electricity mapping and rewiring, electrical repairs, fuse board upgrades, electrical fault finding and security installations.


We can present you with a range of solutions related to gypsum including the installation of flooring, insulating laminates, plasterboards, metal sections, drywalls, bulkheads and covings.


With AGF Turnkey Contractors you can benefit from tile laying services for a range of applications. Moreover, we also install feature wall tiles and bathroom floor and wall tiling.


Our plumbing solutions include the installation and maintenance of bathrooms, swimming pools, drainage systems installations, potable water supply systems and fixtures installations. 

Shop Fittings

Our services are not limited to domestic buildings and offices. We offer our clients a range of retail-related solutions such as the creation and installation of shop fittings for a holistic shop workflow. Through this service, we can present you with custom-designed shop shelving, flooring and layout solutions.


Aluminium Works 

One of the services that we offer at AGF Turnkey Contractors is the application and provision of aluminium fittings and apertures within a home or commercial premise. Through this service, we will be able to install a range of aluminium profiles including balconies, windows, doors, stairs and balustrade railings.